Belt Bags

What do we think about belt bags?  Note the rebranding, in my opinion an absolute necessity.  Any things got to be better than ‘bum bag’ or even worse… ‘the fanny pack’!

So this is a trend I keep getting drawn to.  These days most of the time my arms are too full for the latest trendy tote and I reach for my backpack again and again, but could this be an even more practical and actually damn cool alternative?  

My husband made some joke about the 80s and the feedback from my colleagues has been less than positive but if it’s ok for Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Zara, who are we as mere mortals, able to stand back and let this micro trend pass us by.  Pretty Little Thing have hundreds on their website, stating it’s the essential kit for the ‘all year festival season.’

I’ll leave this here next to a few of my favourites and you can decide for yourself if you can bear to visit or revisit (like me) this handbag solution.

zara belt bagzara bum bagMarc jacobs belt bag

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