Fast Fashion

As someone who is obsessed with making my life choices in regard to what is best for the planet, I have given 'fast fashion' a lot of thought.  I have worked as a high street fashion designer and in fashion production in India and China.  The fashion industry is accused of being the third most damaging industry after oil and animal farming.  

The phrase 'fast fashion' often conjures up images of inexpensive high street goods, produced cheaply and then being thrown away shortly after purchase.  

Despite what you would probably expect, I don't have many clothes.  As a family, we try and buy second hand (especially kids clothes) or only buy things we really love.  In my wardrobe I have clothes from Primark, New Look as well as more expensive jeans and shoes, but most of them from cheap to luxury, I have had for many years.  So in my own waffling way, what I am trying to say is don't think you have to avoid the high street to cure the 'fast fashion' global crisis.  Simply buy less, buy items you love, and don't feel pressured to spend more, as a £500 pair of jeans will just as likely to damage to the planet as a £10 pair.  

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